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Personal information
Real nameJulien Emile-Geay
LocationLos Angeles, CA,
HometownNanterre, France
Occupationassistant professor, University of California
SchoolsPh, Columbia University, 2006

BS, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 1999

About meI work to understand low-frequency climate variability (changes that occur at timescales beyond 10 years or so). This led me to take a deep dive into paleoclimate datasets, which are incredibly varied, complex, and almost devoid of relevant technological solutions. I see my role in EarthCube as connecting paleoclimate data producers and end-users, and connecting paleo data to other relevant data streams and frameworks (e.g. climate model output, instrumental data, archeological data, paleobiological data). I also want to ensure that EarthCube supports increased scientific capabilities, and commit to writing and sharing public codes to build capacity on the study of past climates.